Renault is a French automaker not very well represented in the United States. But when they want to have good TV commercial made, they reach toward the United States to get the best talent. And so they did this time when they decided to hire Vlad – the Tallest Actor in Hollywood to star in one of heir commercials.  Renault has partnered with Nissan, for which Vlad already did one commercial and this makes Renault 3rd largest automaker in the world.

This is all nice, but what did Renault did with commercial they hired Tallest actor in the world is beyond me. No one in Europe told us if it aired and their creative agency, even though they promised, they never send us final edited copy to post on this website.  So, if you want to watch semi-pro-edited commercial, check out my Nissan commercial. You wait gonna see cool Renault commercial because they not only never send it – but it appears they never aired it. They did film this commercial in LA, but you can’t see Vlad in it.