Going into ATT auditioning process, I knew I will pass into the final round. What is ahead of me is pretty familiar to me. I will run into bunch of tall basketball players who have been booking TV Commercials here and there – as long as only basketball looks are needed. The moment they have to say something, show appropriate emotion, facial impression or basic understanding of the script – 90% of them fall apart in front of any respectable production which demands some talent.

This particular commercial has no lines and does not require any acting – so a seasoned pro like will have no opportunity to showcase its skills. This is a clear disadvantage. But, thinking as a producer – I know what they will look for amid two dozen tall basketball players they have invited for audition. And I know how to emphasize it to increase a chance of getting this job.

Other basketball players in that audition have not gone through this analysis process – will stand there like trees; and their lack of preparation will help me get this job. Another 50% of this theory is all about luck – but I have been a lucky guy so for, so I am optimistic about going in.