BMW was looking for a friendly face with large body that can fit in their smaller cars. While BMW smaller cars seem smaller outside, they are quite spacious inside.

The automobile was revealed at the LA Auto Show.  The new “small” BMW will be called the 1 Series.

The 1 Series harkens back to the early 70s and the 2002 Series, which was a sporty sedan that did a lot to put BMW on the map. The automaker hopes that the 1 Series is the kind of car that will bring new people into the BMW fold.

It will start at just under $30,000. It features a little better fuel economy and great performance. On display was the 135i, which is sort of baby hot rod, since it shares the same engine as the 335i in an obviously smaller car. The 1 Series has been available in Europe for a while with a hatchback version. A few years ago, you probably wouldn’t have seen a car like this in America.

Vladimir, The Tallest Working Actor said: “I doubt this car will do well in America as Americans like big cars and  4 USD per gallon gas prices don’t seem to affect American purchases. This is why Nissan is not introducing the other car I advertise in America – it is too small for Americans. What is even more disappointing with cars I am hired to advertise, is that even my favourite Nissan, Nissan Murano, which came out in Europe in Diesel version, with amazing gas mileage, will not be introduced in America.”

The tallest actor in Hollywood was hired to film this BMW commercial in Europe. We are still waiting to get a copy of BMW commercial so we can post on this website. As soon as we receive BMW commercial I will post it. In meantime, let me share this quiz question for you about another BMW commercial.

Who is this tall person in this BMW commercial?

If you you think you need to see this BMW commercial to be able to answer it, feel free to watch BMW commercial at the end of this article. This commercial was shot in the Netherlands utilising the moving sculptures of world-renowned artist Theo Jansen, this commercial, entitled “Kinetic Sculptures” forms part of a broader campaign which serves to highlight BMW’s market leadership in the fields of technology and innovation.