Forbidden Warrior (2004) is a martial arts action/fantasy film. It was directed by Jimmy Nickerson, and produced by Glen Hartford and Daniel Toll. The film is notable in resembling a low-budget Hong Kong action film, despite its American production and cast.

In the distant past in an unspecified Asian country, the rival kingdoms of English-speaking warlords Muraji (James Hong) and Khan (Woon Yung Park) are duking it out for control of an unspecified region. Legend prophesies that one of the warring clans will give birth to the Chosen One. He alone will be able to read the all-powerful spells inscribed in the Gaia Za, which will in turn empower one of the families to set up a ruling dynasty.

When Khan receives word that Muraji’s son, Miyamoto (Bruce Locke), and his wife, Hana (Minglie Chen), are expecting a child, he sends a group of assassins to slaughter them in the cave where they have taken refuge. Hana is killed, but not before giving birth to a baby girl, Seki. The child is quickly bundled and sent floating downstream, Moses-style, into the care of the sorcerer Ajis-Aka (Tony Amendola), a blind old sage whose brown robes and meditative air all but scream Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Forbidden Warrior is based on a popular Asian myth. The story concerns Seki, an attractive woman who discovers that she can utilize an ancient book of spells in order to accomplish just about anything. She must master these spells before the book falls into the hands of those who mean to do some serious damage with it.  There are two warrior teams – good team and a bad team. Tall Tall, played by tallest actor in Hollywood – Vlad, is part of the good warrior team. The bad warrior team consists of Khan ruler who sends henchmen to kill his nemesis and family.  The film was filled in Griffith Park in Los Angeles and story takes place in 14th century China.

A review in Variety noted that characters from a Chinese myth are given Japanese names and played by caucasians.

Camera (Technicolor, widescreen), George Mooradian; editor, Scott Conrad; music, Mike Verta; production designer, Margaret M. Miles; art director, Miles; costume designer, Julie Davis; sound (Dolby Digital), James Harrison Coburn IV; visual effects, David Troy Smith; action choreographer, Ron Yuan; stunt coordinator, Henry M. Kingi Jr.; associate producers, Paul Baker, Scott Reed; assistant director, John Nolan; casting, Craig Campobasso, Jay Todd. Reviewed at Hollywood Film Festival, Oct. 15, 2004. Running time: 101 MIN.