On a lighter note… it looks like the world record holder for the World’s Tallest Man might have to stand aside. A man in the Chinese city of Tianjin may be four inches taller. The current Guinness World Record Holder as the world’s tallest man, 57-year-old Chinese Bao Xishun, may lose his title soon. Countryman Zhao Liang, who stands 2.46 metres, or 8 feet 1 inch tall, was recently measured by doctors treating him for a foot injury in the coastal city Tianjin. If the measurement is officially recognized, Zhao will be 10 centimetres taller than Bao Xishun. Zhao used to be a basketball player in central China’s Henan province, but his career was cut short by a foot injury eight years ago.

[Zhao Liang, World’s Tallest Man]: “We were all crazy about (Michael) Jordan. He was very flexible when playing basketball. We all liked him. We all dreamed about playing basketball in the NBA, just like Jordan. It’s a pity my foot became injured and I will never have the chance again.” With basketball no longer an option, Zhao was hired by a street troupe in northeast China, learning to perform tricks and play musical instruments. Zhao won’t be measured on camera, saying he hasn’t thought about the title of Guinness’ tallest person, as seeing his family is all that matters to him.
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