Vlad appeared in 2 Nike commercials. You can barely see him most of the time as there are too many basketball players on the court. These commercials are usually filmed for up to 2 days in Los Angeles and require more physical work (playing basketball) than actual acting. While we are showing only one commercial here, this because we never received second one.

Filming basketball movies and commercials is a lot easier than actually playing it – it requires a lot of standing around, fake sweat which production assistants spray on you and if you get lucky, you get to see more of yourself when commercial actually airs.

Most of basketball players appearing in these commercials are just that – basketball players. You will be surprised to learn how much more it is about looks when booking commercial jobs then it is about acting. Cool thing about basketball commercials is that you always get to keep some of the equipment at the end of the day. And if you no longer play basketball actively, that equipment can last a long time.