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Carel Struycken

Carel lives in Los Angeles and is 7 feet tall. He is from Netherlands and he is 65 years old according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia page also indicates that his size is a result of disorder called acromegaly, which is often associated with giantism, but it is not the same as giantism. In its extreme conditions, [...]

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Andre the Giant

When people talk about Andre the Gian and try to introduce him, they use the term "Gentle Giant." Did you know, that most of giants are actually gentle and it is very short people who are the opposite. Someone once compared giant people and small people to dogs. Large dogs are calm and rarely bark, [...]

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Los Angeles casting facilities

One of my favorite casting facilities in Los Angeles is located on 200 La Brea Street. The space is very spacious conveniently located and it has a pretty good parking around it. Most importantly I have been booking a lot of work from that location and I hope my fortune continues. For some reason when [...]

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Shopping at the Big and Tall

I am currently in Ventura County shopping at big and tall store. Clothing for tall people is pretty hard to find but fortunately United States has specialty stores which cater to tall people. They call themselves big and tall stores because 75 percent seems to be designed for big people and only 25 percent for [...]

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NCAA basketball on TV

I am watching get some NCAA basketball on TV. The game is between Gonzaga in San Diego University. I am thinking of my college basketball days. It is fortune and a great timing that I have booked my first major movie in the summer after  college. If it was earlier I would not be elgible [...]

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Tallest Actor Returns

This is the title of the advertising campaign I have come up with: "Tallest Actor Returns." Yes, I return - because I was gone for almost 3 years and the moment I started auditioning, I booked ATT commercial. This is why "Tallest Actor Returns" would be a good title of some advertising banners I could [...]

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Weather in Dallas Texas

Someone told me that 2 years ago dallas had 4 months of a really bad weather. I asked him to be more specific and this guy said that they had 4 months of every single day temperatures of hundred and ten degrees. This just sounds unbelievable to me. Does it really get that hot in [...]

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Filming of AT&T commercial

I must say that this is one of the most efficient projects I have worked on. Director knew exactly what he wants and how to get it. We moved very quickly through the scenes with 3-5 retakes on each scene. David Robinson and other NBA players were done at 330. The rest of us were [...]

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Back in Los Angeles

I came back to Los Angeles last night. Took American Airlines flight from Dallas and landed in Los Angeles 1 hour late. My chauffeur was from a Ukraine and we talked about situation in his country. It sounds like a bad situation and I hope it works out to the best but he was not [...]

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Landed in Dallas Texas

2 hours ago I landed at Dallas Texas and now we are on the way to wardrobe fittings. 6 of us came from Los Angeles. 1 guy missed his exit so we have to wait for him. Dallas seems to have the same temperature as Los Angeles does. But I see no palm trees. One [...]

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Just finished packing

I just finished packing for my trip for AT&T commercial filming in Dallas Texas. I packed plenty of clothing other interesting items and should be ready to go. There will be at least 7 tall basketball players on the filming. Some of them have a retired from NBA a while ago and some of them [...]

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Logan’s Roadhouse Sides

"Anticipointment" A waitress slowly makes her way towards a patiently seated man. She carries a tray holding an Onion Brewski Sirloin, 8 ounces of pure, juicy decadence. VO: ''Let me tell you about patience. It's a bitter plant. But, she bears a sweet, sweet fruit.'' The waitress passes the man and serves his steak to [...]

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