Carel lives in Los Angeles and is 7 feet tall. He is from Netherlands and he is 65 years old according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia page also indicates that his size is a result of disorder called acromegaly, which is often associated with giantism, but it is not the same as giantism. In its extreme conditions, acromegaly can result in severe disfigurement, complicating conditions, and premature death if unchecked. Some actors, such as get their height from genes; some get it from disorders in pituitary gland.

Carel Struycken is considered a well known tall actor in this niche and he has been around the industry for a very long time. Obviously, he is unfit to play athletic roles such as basketball player at his age, but he did score some variety of tall roles. He had couple notable roles in Star Trek episodes. Carel is best known for the characther of Lurch in Adams Family. This is funny, because the played the character under the same name in the movie “Celtic Pride.” The Adams Family was a cult TV series in 1960s.