This is the title of the advertising campaign I have come up with: “Tallest Actor Returns.” Yes, I return – because I was gone for almost 3 years and the moment I started auditioning, I booked ATT commercial. This is why “Tallest Actor Returns” would be a good title of some advertising banners I could use to send traffic to my website. There are many tall actors listed on IMDB – unfortunately, many of them are not live. Some of them did remarkable work.

One of the sad stories I have read on the Internet is about Kevin Peter Hall – who played basketball at George Washington University. We played George Washington when I was at James Madison two or three times per year and always beat them. Kevin was from Pittsburgh and had full athletic scholarship at George Washington University. He was over 7 feet tall. But, he died at age of 35 – according to the Internet blog on the subject, he had accident and contracted AIDS from blood transfusion.

Another tall actor who dies was Matthew McGrory, who died at age of 32. One of hits most famous projects was his role in Big Fish in which he did fantastic job.