A waitress slowly makes her way towards a patiently seated man.
She carries a tray holding an Onion Brewski Sirloin, 8 ounces of pure,
juicy decadence.
”Let me tell you about patience.
It’s a bitter plant.
But, she bears a
sweet, sweet fruit.”
The waitress passes the man and serves
steak to a woman one
table over, causing the man to grip his knife a little tight.
”Let me tell you somethin
about self

”Logan’s Roadhouse. Where steak rules the road.”
“Front Porch Philosopher: Relationship”
We spot a couple seated side by side in a booth. In the ultimate
display of affection, the woman gives a precious morsel of Black
Angus Sirloin to her extremely fortunate man.
”True love.
I dulled a lo
tta lead writing love songs about mine.
She made me tofu.
Taught me a valuable lesson:
There are two types of people.
Steak people
And ex’s.
Logan’s Roadhouse. Where steak rules the road.”
“Front Porch Philosopher: Friendship”
We watch a grou
p of guys, each seated in front of the biggest,
thickest, juiciest steaks on the menu. Porterhouse. Strip. BoneIn
Ribeye. Not one of them speaks. They just slowly savor each bite.
”When it comes to eating steak
there’s an unspoken rule.
Funny t
hing, no one’s really sure what it is
Cause it’s never been
Logan’s Roadhouse. Where steak rules the road.’