When people talk about Andre the Gian and try to introduce him, they use the term “Gentle Giant.” Did you know, that most of giants are actually gentle and it is very short people who are the opposite. Someone once compared giant people and small people to dogs. Large dogs are calm and rarely bark, while small dogs are serious barkers. You can see on the Internet various psychological reasons for that.

Anyway, Andre was Gentle Giant, and was born in France. He became known for wrestling and then transitioned into entertainment industry. His biggest role was in children’s fantasty movie called THe Princess Bride. Unfortunately, he did not live long – he died at the age of 46 when he attended funeral of his father in Paris. He died from heart attack – his heart was no longer able to provide sufficient pump action to maintain blood flow to meet the needs of his body. He also suffered from gigantism and acromegaly. His estate still keeps his website online to keep his memory alive, which is a great idea.