This video shows co-starring roles in two Walt Disney Pictures Movies: Celtic Pride and The Sixth Man. Celtic Pride is NBA basketball comedy and The Sixth Man is NCAA basketball comedy. In both movies we win championship titles and both were fantastic experiences to work on. Celtic Pride was my 1st movie and I was discovered after auditioning for the movie named Eddie with Whoopi Goldberg.

Celtic Pride

On my 1st movie, Celtic Pride, I had 12 speaking scenes and director created additional scene for me with girls at the bar, but it never made it into the final cut. I loved the fact that on my 1st movie they were creating scenes for me – to me that meant that they have really liked my performance. We filmed Celtic Pride in Boston for 2 months.

The Sixth Man

Walt Disney extended my contract for the basketball comedy The Sixth Man. On this movie, my name appeared before the beginning of the movie, which means I carried even bigger role that in Celtic Pride. We filmed in Seattle and Vancouver.

Third Disney Movie

There is no third Disney movie – but this is the space when I announce it when I get one. LOL