There is an audition call for tall vampire slayer.

Here is Synopsis:

Gideon Ward is the resident vampire slayer of Cedar Heights. His job: to beat back the forces of darkness, under the guidance of his Watcher, and lover: Lorenzo. When an ancient and vile evil awakens from a century-long slumber with an insatiable taste for Slayer’s blood, Gideon’s skill and relationship with Lorenzo is put to the test.

Project Notes
OutSet, The Young Filmmakers Project from Lifeworks and Outfest is for LGBT youth between the ages of 16-24. The films created in this program are written, directed and produced by 16 OutSet youth fellows who are mentored by industry professionals.

This film will be screened at Fusion Film Festival in Hollywood in March 2014 and Outfest: The Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival in July 2014.

But here is the most important part and how tall actors such as myself fit in. The requirement is: Muscular build and very tall. Preferred 6’5”+. An ancient beast. Thousands of years old. A vampire/minotaur hybrid. Pure evil. Speaks Vogrim, a demonic language, and moves like a vengeful warrior on a hateful path. *Martial Arts skills needed*

Let’s see what happens.