A TERSE NARRATOR fills the small space with his
authoritative voice.
The Far War is the most destructive
conflict in the history of
Praetoria. While millions have died
in the decade-long war, some would
say they were the lucky ones.
Leaving the survivors doomed to
shoulder a dying of the soul while
suffering the terror of occupation
and religious persecution by the
Socialist Republics Directorate or
The origins of this war go far back
into the earliest of Torrie
history. Twenty centuries past,
Praetoria began its existence as a
confederation of kingdoms ruled by
a triumvirate of merchant princes.
The first Sandrine faithful came to
these lands from the South. They
were fleeing ahead of the initial
advance of the Ice. They were
granted sanctuary and treated as
equals. Both peoples even prayed
together at the Far Reach, the
temple tower that was so high it
touched the heavens. Peace reigned
for a time. But it was an illusion
that did not last.