Union Status Non-Union
Run(Usage) Film festivals
Rate Copy, credits

Submissions Due By N/A
Audition Dates 3/8/2014

Shoot/Performance Dates
Shoot/Performance Dates Note

Project Notes
Great Director, and a professional crew!
No pay involved. Just credit. The shoot is slated for two consecutive weekends in Apriil. To be shot in Los Angeles. Casting to start on March 8th. Each role will have a specific requirement for time responsability. The Jennifer character will be required for all four days. Mike’s character will only require 1 day and Jim will probably be four days also

MIKE ” RUSSIAN” (LIMO DRIVER) / Non-Union / Principal / Male / Caucasian / 35-40
Must be able to drive a car and have a valid drivers license. Would only be needed for one day in April. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE IF HE SPEAKS RUSSIAN! would love if he does, not model types. good acting skills
Rate: Credit, copy, exposure to film festivals

JENNIFER / Non-Union / Principal / Female / Caucasian / 25-30
natural beauty. Preferably long hair, brown or black(open to other hair colors or styles though) Preferably brown to black eyes(again open to other colors if the acting is exceptional. She suffers from mild autism. She’s not empathetic or has any emotional range, speaks in a monotone voice and shows tracts of an autistic person. Most of the acting will be highlighted with her eyes and body language. It would be ideal if the candidate has artistic abilities(painting, drawing ). Knowledge of Japanese would be a plus. This is for a short film.
Wardrobe: CASUAL
Rate: Credit, copy, exposure to film festivals

JIM / Non-Union / Principal / Male / Caucasian / 50-55
Father figure, caring, strong personality. Ideal if actually has children.
Wardrobe: CASUAL
Rate: Credit, copy, exposure to film festivals