Union Status Non-Union
Run(Usage) international film festivals
Rate rate varies depending on role, copy/credit

Submissions Due By 3/15/2014
Producer Igor Avdyushko
Audition Dates 4/11/2014, 4/17/2014, 4/18/2014

Audition Location
CAZT Studio
916 N. Formosa Ave.
Los Angelels CA 90036

Shoot/Performance Dates
5/22/2014, 5/23/2014, 5/29/2014, 5/30/2014, 6/9/2014, 6/10/2014, 6/11/2014

Shoot/Performance Location
Los Angeles, Portland

Systema was a secret decommissioned Russian cold war project that created the deadliest assassin in the world, Yuri Abramowicz codename Blood Wolf. After refusing to kill for the Agenda Council (a rouge faction of the NSA), his daughter Natalia is kidnapped. Big mistake. Yuri will use every highly developed skill and weapon in his arsenal to get his daughter back and make the Agenda Council pay.

Project Notes
“The Bourne Legacy (2012)” meets “Taken (2008)”. The Russian American crew will film this project as both a 22 episode web series and feature length film. Actor playing Yuri must be able to speak Russian.

Audition Note
scheduled confirmed auditions only


YURI ABRAMOWICZ / Non-Union / “22 Episodes” / Lead / Male / Caucasian / 40-60
***Submit Russian speakers***

As a young man, Yuri Abramowicz was the top assassin for the Russian KGB. His wife died giving birth to his daughter Natalia.

To honor his wife, Yuri vowed never use his skills for harm and only to protect mankind. And so Yuri raised his daughter the only way he knew how, as a fighter and a survivor.

After the cold war, he took on a new identity and immigrated to the US countryside to live in peace. He became a small town minister and a man of peace and a pillar of his community. Until Director Hugo showed up at his door and demanded that he begin killing for the Agenda Council, or else.

The series begins with Yuri waking up in an interrogation room covered in blood, bullets and dead bodies. He has amnesia but remembers that he must find his daughter, Natalia. He receives flashes of his Systema training in times where deadly action is necessary but only fully remembers when he removes the memory dampening microchips from his body. With his memory back Yuri will kill the people who took his daughter.
Wardrobe: Business casual. Dark winter coats.
Rate: $150/day
Nudity Situations: 1) Yuri is in shower when he washes blood from his leg and discovers an implanted microchip.

AGENT STEEL / Non-Union / “4 Episodes” / Featured / Male / Asian, East Indian, Ethnically Ambiguous, Native American, Pacific Islander / 30-40
Agent Steel is dark skinned Asian and muscular. He is Agent Stone’s unscrupulous partner who tries to lead him down a destructive path. Meant to be Agent Stone’s handler, Agent Steel is the top security analyst who now works as a willing pawn for the Agenda Council (a rouge faction of the NSA)

He tries to kill Agent Stone when he gets too close to uncovering the truth about the Agenda Council.

It looks like Agent Stone will be killed until Yuri steps in and saves him by killing Agent Steel.
Wardrobe: Dark suits.
Rate: $100/day

BUSINESS PEOPLE / Non-Union / “22 Episodes” / Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 20-50
Business People that are killed by Yuri
Wardrobe: Business Causal.
Rate: copy/credit

VICTIMS / Non-Union / “22 Episodes” / Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18-48
Victims that are killed by either Agents or Yuri
Wardrobe: Winter coats.
Rate: copy/credit

WEAPON M1 / Non-Union / “3 Episodes” / Featured / Male / African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / 33-43
***Only seeing Big & Tall power lifting or bodybuilding or football defensive lineman talent over 6’2″ and over. Talent must be comfortable with sfx makeup and prosthesis.***

Weapon M1 is a genetically engineered assassin of massive size and strength, a combination of man an machine stitched together and reanimated from the dead, like a Frankenstein monster by the Russians during the cold war.

Director Hugo activates Weapon M1 to find and kill Yuri when Agent Stone joins him to turn the tide.
Wardrobe: Long black trenchcoat, gloves, combat boots.
Rate: $120/day

AGENT STONE / Non-Union / “8 Episodes” / Supporting / Male / East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Native American, Pacific Islander / 35-45
Agent Stone is ruggedly handsome and muscular with a deep voice. He is the lead operative for the NSA. He is a shoot first ask questions later kind of guy but still a good man who believes in justice and America.

Agent Stone is hand picked by his superior officer, Director Hugo. He takes on several unsanctioned black bag operations and does not realize it until later that he has been used as a pawn by the Agenda Council (a rouge faction of the NSA).

Agent Stone then teams up with Yuri to take down these rouge elements.
Wardrobe: Dark suits.
Rate: $120/day